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We provide a highly personalized team approach to every injury claim. This includes consultations and development of a settlement brief with a dedicated senior lawyer who has over 40 years of personal injury law experience. A lawyer who himself experienced pain and suffering when he was injured in a car accident in 1983, and fully understands how an accident can change your life in an instant and cause serious pain and setbacks. Niagara's personal injury lawyer.

We Are Passionate and Caring
About Helping Accident Victims.

Every member of our personal injury team is driven by one distinct quality: passion. Passion for law. Passion for justice. Passion for helping people just like you get the help you need. When you work with our team, you will experience a profound sense of care. Visit our testimonial page to hear what clients say about us. Niagara's personal injury team.

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For close to four decades, we have earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients across the Niagara region. We will invest in your case right away ... and unless your case settles in part or in full, no fees are charged. If you win, we win, if you lose, we lose. No recovery, no fees. What you don't know about personal injury law can literally hurt you. Do not get hurt a second time. Don't delay, take action today and let us fight for your insurance rights. We are in this together!

Dedicated To Resolving
Insurance Disputes for Accident Victims

Our reputation is built on decades of knowledge and experience in personal injury law. With a reputation as strong as ours, insurance companies know we are serious and that we know how to overcome their obstacles to avoid paying you what you are entitled to. We understand the hardships that personal injury involves and we will guide you every step along the way to a full recovery and financial compensation. We are proud to be Niagara's personal injury team.

Let Us Help Get
Your Life Back on Track

Injuries are stressful to you financially, mentally and spiritually. They are a drain on your family and your well-being. We help our clients through difficult periods in their lives and take care of the legal hassles and financial settlement negotiations so they can focus on healing. We shoulder the legal burden while being accessible throughout the duration of the case.

Financial Resources
You Need for a Full Recovery

Accident victims often encounter significant financial difficulties. Individuals and their families can stumble from financial security to financial stress very quickly with additional costs for important medical treatment due to the accident. This challenge becomes even steeper when the injury leads to a loss of employment. We will use our negotiation and litigation experience to get you critical financial, rehabilitation and medical treatment that will provide an effective and lasting recovery plan for you and your family. Niagara is where we live and work, and we are sensitive to the needs of our own community.

A Law Firm With a Long History of Serving the Niagara Region.

Ashley Gnys was a Senior Partner with Sharpe Beresh & Gnys where he headed up the firms personal injury department for over 38 years. While the name of his firm is now Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law, little else has changed. Same personal injury team with decades of experience, same office location, same phone number, same commitment to fighting for the rights of accident victims. Niagara’s personal injury team.

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