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Welcome to Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law Professional Corporation

Welcome To Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law

Ashley Gnyś , Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer, Niagara, Canada.

On behalf of my personal injury team, I would like to welcome you to Ashley Gnyś, Personal Injury Law and our corporate website, ashleygnyslaw.com. We are a reputable law firm located in the Niagara region that you can trust to get the settlement that you deserve.  I am proud to lead a dedicated, knowledgeable, team that has over 75 years of collective experience in personal injury law.  We understand the challenges you are likely facing and we will make certain that your health and financial needs are met appropriately.

We work for you only —not the insurance company.  We focus entirely on plaintiff personal injury and we never represent insurance companies, as this can cause a conflict of interest we feel it’s important to avoid.

We believe that if we are to be effective advocates for you we must get to know you, your personality and the unique details of your case, including what we consider to be the unseen aspects of your personal injury claim.  Since we are a small firm, you will receive highly personalized care and attention, and your case will be ultimately managed by myself, a senior lawyer with over 40 years of experience in personal injury law.  Yet, while we are a small firm in stature, we have a history of successfully producing big financial results for hundreds of our clients over several decades.

Our physical office location is Niagara Falls, Ontario, and I was born and raised in Grimsby, one of the many municipalities that make up the beautiful Niagara Region.  Until recently, I was a Senior Partner with Sharpe, Beresh & Gnyś, which had been serving the Niagara region since 1894, and was one of the oldest law firms, and business establishments, in Niagara.  My family and I are proud to call Niagara our home.

While our website serves many marketing and communications purposes, its primary purpose is to provide consumers and injury accident victims with valuable information and educational resources about personal injury. It is important to us that you are adequately informed about personal injury, the claims process, and your rights as an insurance policyholder.  As an accident victim, you may feel in the dark as to your rights and responsibilities when you have been involved in a car accident. You may remain confused even after your own insurance company has tried to explain this to you.  All too often, an insurance company will do a less than adequate job in helping you know what to do to access compensation and some go about this task with more integrity than others.   Our website has been designed to help shed some “light” on this situation. It is important that we fight for and protect the rights of injury victims.

If you have been hurt in an accident not involving a vehicle, you will often be dealing with only one insurance company and their interests will be in conflict to yours.  We come alongside you as an accident victim and bring understanding and greater control back into your life.

My father, Władysław Gnyś, was a fighter pilot in the Polish military and he contributed greatly to the allied WWII air victory.   I have always been struck by the influence my father had on my chosen profession as a lawyer.  Like my father, I am dedicated to, and understand the importance of “defending those unable to defend themselves”.  Though the legal system is certainly not the battleground WWII-era Europe was, I am nonetheless proud to be able to “defend the defenseless” by helping personal injury victims seek justice each and every day.

If you have experienced a personal injury, I would ask that you consider placing your trust in our ability to represent your legal needs.  We have been representing personal injury clients from the Niagara region and across Ontario since 1978.