Be Guarded

Had a Personal Injury?  Here’s What to Do …

Be Guarded

Insurance companies will try to contact you before you retain the services of attorney. It happens all the time.

An insurance company will send their representative to your home or try to call you on the phone to obtain a statement from you. They will ask how you are feeling and express interest in your well being. Sometimes they may ask you to prepare a document with your version of the events. What they are doing is gathering as much information from you in order to find a way to avoid paying your claim and preparing their defense should you commence a lawsuit.

It is advisable to avoid speaking with your insurance representative who is trying to solicit information about how the accident occurred and whose interests are often adverse to yours. If a conversation does occur, watch what you say. Your insurance company is looking out for its best interests, not yours. Be careful about the information you share with the adjuster. There’s no getting around paperwork—you’ll have to fill out forms and provide details of your injury before your insurer will consider your benefits claim—but it’s best to speak with a personal injury firm like Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law before you communicate with the insurance company.

The more time you take to contact an experienced lawyer, the more grounds your insurance company gains in persuading you to accept a settlement that is less than what your case may be worth. Involving a lawyer as soon as possible can prevent this from happening.

Who Should Talk to the Other Motorist’s Insurance Company?

While it might be safe to speak to an insurance representative who insures the at-fault motorist, once again it can come back to haunt you if you say the wrong thing, so we suggest you don’t unless specifically told to do so by your lawyer.

You will be asked, for example, to give your version of how the accident occurred, and if you are not careful, your answers may be poorly framed or your answers could be recorded inaccurately by the insurance representative. You may also be asked to describe your injuries, but in your nervousness you may miss mentioning a particular injury and this can negatively affect your case later on.

We Can Provide Legal Counsel to Present Your Perspective

It is better that you give them a statement in the presence of your lawyer, who will ensure that the correct procedure and protocol is followed. Your lawyer will also prepare your testimony before giving your statement so you can “iron out the wrinkles” and give your best evidence the first time.

Therefore, we suggest you leave it up to your legal representative to negotiate with the insurance companies. Consider contacting a lawyer with expertise in personal injury who can advise you of your rights before you speak to the insurer for the at-fault motorist. This is in your best interests.

Contact Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law immediately after you are involved in a personal injury accident and get the advice and direction you need, with a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation. Don’t get hurt a second time!