Case Studies From Our Files For Concussion and Head Injuries

Health Care Providers Network

We have had an increasing number of personal injury cases for people who have suffered concussions or injuries to the head.  In all of these claims, we worked with health care providers to assist us with the claim. Here are a few examples of cases involving concussions or head injuries that have been successfully settled by Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law Professional Corporation.

Case Study # 1

Motor Vehicle Accident Causing Brain Injuries. Diagnosis Anosognosia.

This is a personal injury case study of a pedestrian who was hit by a car. The personal injury claim took several years to be successfully settled and involved Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team, our client’s family physician, two occupational therapists, and a psychologist who specializes in Clinical Neuropsychology. This case study uses information from the client`s settlement brief and supporting documentation.
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