Contact The Police

Had A Personal Injury – What Can You Do?

Contact The Police

You are under no legal obligation to give a statement immediately after an accident, regardless of what the police might tell you.  Most people are in shock after an accident and the answers that they give to certain questions could be very inaccurate and unclear.  Don’t risk providing information that will become part of an official written statement by the police that might complicate proving that the accident wasn’t your fault.

If asked specific questions by the police about the accident you have the option to politely decline to give a statement “at this time”.  The immediate aftermath of an accident may not be the best time to try to give a coherent, accurate statement.  You should take some time to try and remember and assess what happened.  When you have calmed down, (next day), write your version of how the accident happened.

If you have been charged by the police you should consult a criminal lawyer.  If you have been injured, you should immediately consult with a personal injury lawyer, and review your version of the accident and any statement you will make with that lawyer.

However, one of the key steps to take after a motor vehicle accident is to ensure that the police are properly informed about the accident or personal injury incident.  As well, it is important for you to get the name of the investigating police officer, badge number and telephone contact details.

In minor accidents or in a minor car accident, many people do not report the accident to the police until it is too late.  Your chance of not winning your personal injury claim will be very high if you do not report the accident as soon as you are comfortable doing so and clear on what your account of the accident will be.

It is also important to understand about what and how you should prepare the report once you are in the police station.  How and what you write in the accident report can be crucial in winning your personal injury claim.  Many people do not understand this issue.  Again, a personal injury lawyer can help you.

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