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We Are In This Together!

For close to four decades, we have earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients. We will invest in your case right away … and unless your case settles in part or in full, no fees are charged. If you win, we win, if you lose, we lose. No recovery, no fees. What you don’t know about personal injury law can literally hurt you. Do not get hurt a second time. Don’t delay, take action today and let us fight for your insurance rights. We are in this together!

At Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law we work for you only —not the insurance companies who have substantial resources at their disposal to avoid honouring their insurance promises and obligations. We will fight for your insurance rights and “defend the defenseless”.

We believe it is an important principle that your individual rights be respected. We have the legal knowledge and experience needed to successfully fight for your rights. Because we are committed to upholding this basic principle, we will invest in your case right away … but you do not have to pay us until we win a financial settlement for you and your family.  Simply stated, we don’t get paid until you get paid. So, in many ways, we are in this together.

There is no question that attempting to navigate the insurance and legal systems, while recovering from an injury, can be overwhelming, especially if you try and do this on your own. We would encourage you to retain professional legal advice and guidance, such as can be provided by Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team.

Our Personal Injury Blog section includes several informative articles on personal injury, including one that addresses the need for professional counsel, entitled Personal Injury Lawsuit: Self vs. Lawyer Representation

The personal care and attention I received from your staff is what injured people need to make us feel not afraid to come forward. You did not miss a step and you explained everything and answered all of my questions. You have a very positive office and your personal injury team were happy, outgoing and made me comfortable."    Andrea Hachey"