Financial Resource You Need for a Full Recovery

Empowering You to Fight Back

Accident victims often encounter significant financial difficulties. Individuals and their families can stumble from financial security to financial stress very quickly with additional costs for important medical treatment due to the accident. This challenge becomes even steeper when the injury leads to a loss of employment. We will use our negotiation and litigation experience to get you critical financial, rehabilitation and medical treatment that will provide an effective and lasting recovery plan for you and your family.

Personal injury litigations are complex and may require years to be resolved. Personal injury victims are intimidated by corporations that have the financial power to legally make things difficult monetarily for them, who are already having a difficult time with ordinary living expenses, let alone pay to seek a fair settlement verdict. Auto accidents, slip and falls, spinal injuries – no matter what caused you to be injured, if a third party is responsible you deserve to be compensated. Insurance companies know that serious cases usually take longer to settle, and requires the injured party to invest time and money, that they may not have. They use this information to their advantage and try to persuade you in to settling quicker for less money.

Litigation loans can help you remain financially stable throughout the duration of your case. It could take several months to settle a simple, straightforward claim. If a large company or corporation is involved, it may take years. Personal injury lawsuit loans enable you to have the money you need for household bills, medical fees and other expenses while waiting for your claim to be finalized. These types of financing loans for lawsuits also help ensure that your lawyer can have more time to negotiate for the highest possible settlement.

This funding is an advantage that many people don’t know about.

Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law has considerable experience in securing and managing these types of financial support loans. If your case meets the requirements, we will arrange a litigation loan from a series of lenders specializing in such loans, to provide the necessary funds to pay for ongoing treatment that is medically indicated, or to help with living expenses.

In turn, this expense will be recovered by our legal staff from the defendant insurance company who insured the negligent party that caused the patient to be injured. These loans provide personal injury victims with the cash flow needed to continue their medical treatment uninterrupted and it affords them the opportunity to focus their time and energy on reaching a full recovery.

There are no payments required against the loan until the personal injury claim itself is successfully settled.

You helped me with my medical recovery and looked after all of my needs, including help with financial pressures. I am very happy with the final settlement you obtained.  JS