Medical Treatment

Had a Personal Injury?  Here’s What to Do …

Medical Treatment

It is important that you obtain detailed information pertaining to all of the medical services and medical reports surrounding your accident including paramedic and ambulatory service reports, intake observations and reports at the emergency room of the hospital and medical reports by physicians and technical staff at the hospital.

You should make an appointment to go and see your family doctor as soon as you can… waiting for a month or two before seeing your doctor about your injury is not advisable in any circumstance.

Getting yourself to see a doctor or a health professional immediately is crucial for both your treatment and future injury claim and potential lawsuit.  Even a a minor injury can have devastating health issues later if not properly consulted with a doctor in the beginning.  Many injuries will start off as minor pains (like whiplash) which if not taken care of properly could get worse over a few short days.  Besides, getting a doctor to document EVERYTHING sooner can only help any insurance claims you need to make later.

We would recommend that in concert with your doctor or health care provider of choice that you keep a “pain diary” following a crash.  Some injuries are not evident until the shock has worn off.   A “pain diary” kept for days, weeks or even months can document symptoms you might not be able to recall when talking to your doctor, specialist or other health care provider.

Over the years, Ashley Gnyś has worked with an established network of health care providers, and fully understands medical treatment issues and health recovery plans.

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