On the surface, fractures and broken bones may look like a relatively minor accident when compared to more serious personal injuries; but while this may be true in some cases, not every case is the same.

An example of broken bone cases that require immediate attention include compound fractures from the result of a car accident, pedestrian injuries sustained by being hit by a vehicle, and crushed bones when a motorcycle crashes and lands on the driver’s legs.  Clearly, there are many accidents where a broken bone or fracture can result in long-term injuries for the victim.

The personal injury team of Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law has the knowledge and expertise to assist you if you have suffered a fracture and/or broken bone injuries. In some accidents, fractures may occur in conjunction  with other injuries and may require surgery, rehabilitation, or physical and occupational therapy.  In other accidents, fractures can result in more serious conditions, such as an impacted fracture whose ends are driven into each other, as seen in high impact auto accidents. The severity of a fracture depends upon its location and the damage done to the bone and tissue near it. Serious fractures can have life threatening complications if not treated promptly. As with most injuries of this nature, recuperation time will vary depending on the age and health of the patient and the type of fracture.

Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law represents people in cases involving a variety of fracture and broken bone injuries, including:

  • Simple fractures — when a bone breaks, but does not pierce the skin
  • Compound fractures — when a bone breaks and pierces the skin
  • Incomplete and hairline fractures — when a bone cracks, but does not entirely break
  • Greenstick fractures — when a bone bends, but does not break
  • Comminuted fractures — when a bone fragments into several pieces

Over the years we have come to fully appreciate that when dealing with a broken bone or fracture, you must be careful not to gauge the severity of the accident before sufficient time has passed, and has fully substantiated your doctor’s medical assessments and opinions. Occasionally, you’ll find that additional medical care is needed even after the treatment and casting of broken bones in a patient is complete, and full recovery is declared. Surgery, pins, plates, and even therapy are all possible results of a broken bone healed improperly.  If you settle your claims before you discover these future medical care costs, you will forfeit your right to be compensated for those expenses.

Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law has helped many clients in the past recover from their injuries, and provided them with financial compensation after helping them win their legal claims.  For over 38 years, we have helped accident victims with broken bones and fractures resolve their cases successfully, almost always without going to trial.

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