Medical Claims, Slander and More …

Medical Claims, Slander and More …

The personal injury team at Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law can assist you with filing a range of claim types. It’s our goal to work alongside you, minimizing the stress you feel, regardless of why you need to submit a claim. We help with the following:

Disability Insurance Claims: This includes instances of fire loss and property damage.

Medical Insurance Claims: Medical insurance claims can occur for a variety of reasons. We have helped people file claims for injuries occurring while they were out of province/country. Another example of a medical insurance claim we have encountered is individuals getting inexplicably sick due to undisclosed mould in their rented or purchased home.

Recreational Injury Claims: An example of this type of claim is when someone was hurt on a ski hill where there was an unmarked hazard. It’s important that those responsible for maintaining places of public recreation (bike trails, amusement parks, golf course, etc.) are held responsible for protecting the public.

Defamation of Character and Slander Claims: With the advent of social media and the accessibility of the Internet to a wide range of people, the effects of defamation and slander can be devastating and include the destruction of relationships, loss of work/income, psychological damage and grief, and family dissention. We can help you with your slander/defamation claim.

Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law has helped many clients in the past recover from their injuries, and provided them with financial compensation after helping them win their legal claims.  For over 38 years, we have helped accident victims resolve their cases successfully, almost always without going to trial.

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