Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Due to their size and cargo load, transport trucks can cause more serious injuries than passenger vehicles. An 18-wheeler travelling on a highway may hit several vehicles at a high speed, causing damage and injuries to many drivers and passengers.  At Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law firm we will work to seek compensation for tractor-trailer wreck injury victims, possibly from the truck driver, trucking company and insurers.  We also represent the families of those who died in large truck and tractor trailer accidents. Potential causes of truck accidents include:

  • careless and uncontrolled driving
  • mechanical failures such as tire blowouts
  • improper loading
  • truck driver fatigue

At Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law we successfully manage insurance disputes on behalf of our clients every day. And when an insurance company decides that it will not respect your insurance rights, we have a proven track record with motorized vehicle claims including those involving commercial trucks.

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