Working With Ashley Gnys and His Staff Was a Dream

Successful Settlement for Catastrophic Accident Victim

Working With Ashley Gnys and His Staff Was a Dream

My injury was severe and catastrophic.

But, working with Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team was a dream. They helped me find those I needed to help me during my recovery and to obtain an Occupational Therapist to help me get the medical items I needed in place for when I returned home. The Firm also helped me to get the insurance to pay for my rehabilitation, convert my van and get the training I needed to drive with hand controls since I lost my lower right leg. I endured 4 surgeries before amputation within a 4-5 year span.

During this time the home I was in was not suitable for me and I was housebound for 3 years and the property owners would not allow us to renovate for my needs. During this time my children were neglected by me due to my injuries and lack of accommodations for movement. Their mental and emotional instability started to become an issue because I had to have their older siblings or family friends come and take care of them.

Eventually, Mr.Gnys demanded that I needed accommodations to help me recover and leave my home for appointments. They’ve always looked out for my needs. They’ve always been friendly, caring, and understanding even when I was at my wit’s end and crying. They were still there to listen and to tell me everything is ok we will get through this.

I know a lawyer’s office is busy but they were always there to talk to and answer my questions or concerns. If by chance they were to busy or not there, someone always got back to me that day.

I know Ashley Gnys did all he could for my case. It’s the Canadian Laws that needed to be changed for catastrophic victims. That their past medical issues should not matter if the accident caused more issues to past issues. Especially when you lose a body part, lose your function to take care of your children, or are bedridden and housebound for 3 years, and the pain is so bad you want to give up. They were always there to listen to me and help me and my children.

Lastly, the firm always called to see how I was doing or how my children were doing. Always sent me copies of phone calls, letters, court files, etc. To keep me in the loop. They never left me out of anything. If I didn’t understand it, they explained it to me. They were always professional yet after 8 years I considered them Family.

I appreciated everything they did for me and my family and would recommend them to anyone in the same situation. I thank them for everything and it’s hard to say goodbye now that my case is done.

Tracey McKenzie
December 19, 2019

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