Sexual Abuse While Attending College: $50K Settlement

Personal Injury Case Study

Sexual Abuse While Attending College: $50K Settlement

This is a personal injury case study involving our client, Lucy * (not her real name), a young woman who suffered from sexual abuse. This case study uses information from the Settlement Brief as well as information that was gathered throughout the claim.


Lucy was attending College at the time of the sexual abuse incidents. These incidents took place on the school property, involving a person who worked in the school. Some of these assaults consisted of our client being cornered by this person, and she received unwanted sexual comments and physical altercations. These inappropriate comments were made towards her on a regular basis.

As the sexual abuse continued, our client gradually stopped attending her classes because of the emotional trauma that she suffered from the assaults. She began to feel vulnerable and could no longer cope with the situation, resulting in the deterioration of her social and academic life. Lucy contacted the law firm for a consultation about one year after the incident.  The case was personally managed by Ashley  Gnyś, lead personal injury lawyer with the firm.


Lucy suffered mental injuries rather than physical. The psychological trauma suffered included feelings of humiliation and depression. She would also have frequent flashbacks to the incidents which led to severe anxiety and panic attacks. Panic attacks can often cause troubles in breathing, immediate perspiration and feelings of pain in your heart. She also experienced insomnia and severe mood changes. As a college student, one of the biggest issues was the gradual withdrawal from athletic and social activities. Our client felt as if she no longer belonged to social groups inside and outside of school, which eventually spiraled into a deeper depression.


Sexual abuse cases can take time and are an emotional strain on a client. Ashley and his personal injury team helped Lucy during this difficult time, providing her with both legal and personal assistance. It took over two years to get Lucy’s claim successfully settled, but the positive outcome has helped her with a full emotional recovery and helped her look forward to a promising and full life. Her settlement was just over $ 50,000.00. Ashley has over 38 years of experience with all kinds of personal injury cases. As with Lucy’s case, he can reach settlements that will help with the struggles faced by sexual abuse victims and offer his full support along the way.

Disclaimer – This personal injury case has been selected to show the variance of processes and the nature of compensation claims that we deal with. They do not reflect what happens in every circumstance nor what may happen with other legal providers. We have used our experiences to outline likely scenarios that may occur when making a claim. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.”

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.