Slip and Fall Accident at the Grocery Store: $100K Settlement

Personal Injury Case Study

Slip and Fall Accident at the Grocery Store: $100K Settlement

This is a personal injury case study involving our client, Jessica Lewis, a middle-aged woman who suffered from a slip and fall accident at her community grocery store. This case study uses information from the settlement brief and from the client’s medical reports on her injuries.


In 2009, Jessica Lewis was doing her weekly grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket. Ms. Lewis was leaving the store while both hands were occupied carrying grocery bags. There was a floor mat just before the exit that as not lying entirely flat on the floor. Jessica’s toe got caught in the mat and she tripped, twisting her left knee. When she fell forward she landed awkwardly on her left hand, twisting her left wrist as well. Jessica immediately required assistance to get back on her feet. Thankfully the door automatically opened when Jessica fell forward, or else she would have also fallen into the glass door.

Ms. Lewis quickly reported the accident to the manager, stating that she could already feel pain in her knee and her hand. The pain was so intense that she had to sit in the store for a while until she could calm down in order to drive herself home. When Jessica returned to her house, her knee was very swollen and the pain was not subsiding.

After almost two years of dealing with the discomfort, Jessica finally decided to meet with a lawyer and see what could be done to help her. Ms. Lewis went to see Ashley Gnyś almost two years after her accident, right before the two year limitation period was up in order to make a claim. Mr. Gnyś made a claim for Jessica and began working to achieve a settlement for her.


The physical injuries that Jessica had after the fall included a meniscus tear in her knee and strain of her joints which caused progressive arthritis. The pains experienced were from deep knee bends, crouching, kneeling and walking. Her left wrist and thumb suffered cartilage and joint strain which also resulted in progressive arthritis. Jessica was not able to grip, squeeze or twist objects with her injured wrist.

Ms. Lewis also experienced a functional loss from the injuries during her course of employment. Her job consisted of traveling and getting in and out of her car quite frequently. The constant knee bending that would occur through the course of her day getting in and out of the car had to be restricted because it was just too painful. Ms. Lewis had to then look into another career in order to accommodate the injuries until her knee would be replaced. Our client wanted to postpone a knee replacement until it was the very last resort.


Ms. Lewis co-operated with Mr. Gnyś and his staff to work fast and effectively in reaching a settlement. After her Examinations for Discovery, the claim was settled in mediation for approximately $100,000.00. The claim took five years after the accident date and about three years after the start of the claim. Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team took many steps to settle with the insurance company and reach their goal of securing Ms. Lewis with the funds needed to continue her life after the fall.

Disclaimer – This personal injury case has been selected to show the variance of processes and the nature of compensation claims that we deal with. They do not reflect what happens in every circumstance nor what may happen with other legal providers. We have used our experiences to outline likely scenarios that may occur when making a claim. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.