Personal injury testimonials for Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law Professional Corporation.

What a Blessing You Were !

I was very pleased and happy with the results that Ashley and his personal Injury team produced on our behalf. Ashley, you provided me with the best service and attention possible and I enjoyed working with your team very much. I felt that you did everything that needed to be done and you were very thorough with my claim. The personal attention that I received from your office was outstanding and everyone was very kind all of the time. I would certainly recommend your firm to friends and others. Thank you very much for your service. ** Dietland Winter

Winning Team and Attitude!

I couldn’t be happier with my settlement which was much more than I had anticipated. Mr. Gnyś and his staff were understanding, not only to my legal needs, but my personal and spiritual ones as well. At times it was overwhelming but it was a winning team and attitude. Everything was explained and put in terms I understood. The spiritual feeling was well comforting and the respect given to me was wonderful. Would I recommend your firm to others? In a heart beat and if asked for a referral  I would not hesitate. I am completely satisfied and only disliked the homework – laughing out loud!  ** Harry Hansen

You Were All Amazing !

Ashley, I was extremely pleased with the results of my claim and I would recommend your law firm to others. You were all amazing. The personal care and attention I received from your staff is what injured people need to make us feel not afraid to come forward. You did not miss a step and you explained everything and answered all of my questions. You have a very positive office and your personal injury team were happy, outgoing and made me comfortable ** Andrea Hachey

A Caring, Professional Lawyer

I have known Ashley for over 20 years, having served as his Pastor at Redeemer Bible Church, and through various Christian outreach activities. As Chaplain for the Christian Legal Fellowship, I worked out of the law firm’s office, and I had an opportunity to witness firsthand the passion Ashley has for the well-being of his clients and the welfare of their families. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a caring, professional personal injury lawyer” **         Pastor Reid Cooke

Ashley Has Restored My Faith in Lawyers!

I was extremely happy with the results of my case! Everyone I dealt with were kind, courteous and understanding. Most definitely I will miss seeing everyone periodically. The firm was completely thorough with my claim and went over and above. Mr. Gnyś was absolutely wonderful!  The overall friendliness of everyone and their helpfulness was something extraordinary about their office. I would definitely recommend the firm to others!  Ashley Gnyś has restored my faith in lawyers! ** Colleen Mitchell

An Honest, Compassionate Lawyer

Thank you for handling my claim in such a thoughtful, caring and professional manner. You helped me with my medical recovery and looked after all of my needs, including help with financial pressures. I am very happy with the final settlement you obtained, and I would not hesitate to recommend the firm to others. Mr. Gnys is an honest, compassionate lawyer who truly cares about his clients. J. S. Niagara Falls Slip and Fall Accident

Personal Attention Throughout

I was pleased with the end result of my case and was provided with personal attention throughout. Under the circumstances of a legal case, I enjoyed working with the team as much as I could, but it was a very drawn out process.  I believe the firm was thorough and handled the case with great attention. As the first legal office I have ever dealt with, it was what I expected it to be. I would recommend the firm to people with personal injury claims, and overall it worked out well, but was a long process.  ** Cassey French 

Your Team is Fantastic

“I was very pleased with the results from my personal injury claim and I would most definitely recommend Ashley Gnys and his personal injury team to anyone who has suffered an injury. You have an excellent professional team and I always felt very comfortable with our interactions. All of the staff were extremely gracious and patient with my inquiries and concerns.  Keep doing what you are doing, your team is fantastic!” **          Mary Davis

Really Cared About Us

We were very pleased with the results of our claim. The firm provided us with personal attention and they were a wonderful team. Everyone was friendly, nice and helpful.  They were thorough with our claim and really cared about us. They did everything possible that could be done. We would recommend this firm to anyone. We had a difficult case but Mr. Gnys and his team handled it very well. **  Mario and Bruna Sperandio

Knowledgeable and Professional

We were very pleased with results of our claim. The personal attention and detailed information provided to us help us to understand how the process works. The staff was very helpful, friendly and pleasant to deal with. We feel Mr. Gnys was knowledgeable and professional and got us the best result possible. We would recommend Mr. Gnys to anyone who wants to pursue a legal claim. **  Shirley and Graham Chadwick

The Attention Was Superb

“Ingrid and I are very pleased with the results that Mr. Ashley Gnys and his staff produced on behalf of our personal injury claim. The attention that was provided to us, individually and together was superb. We will most definitely recommend them. Please keep up the good works and professionalism.” ** Ingrid and George Kelman

Extremely Satisfied With Everything

I am extremely satisfied that my case was settled without going to trial. I enjoyed working with the entire personal injury team. They gave me the personal attention I needed even if they were busy. The staff was very attentive to all the things I felt were important. I also realized that a lot of time and effort was spent on my file, especially going through my medical documents. I must say I appreciated the fact that Ashley would take extra time to explain things and go out of his way to attend appointments even when I was meeting with other staff members. I was completely satisfied with everything during my claim. ** Daniel Collee
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