We Are Passionate and Caring About Accident Victims

Every member of our personal injury team is driven by one distinct quality: passion. Passion for law. Passion for justice. Passion for helping people just like you get the help you need. When you work with our team, you will experience a profound sense of care. Visit our Testimonial section to hear what clients say about us.

Our Pledge To You

The following is the code by which the entire team at Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law abides in every interaction we have with our clients, from our very first meeting to the close of each case.

At Ashley Gnyś Personal Injury Law we will:

  • Treat you with respect, and we ask for that same respect in return.
  • Work to earn your trust, and we ask that you work to earn our trust as well.
  • Be honest with you. What we have to say may not always be the easiest thing to hear, but if it’s important, we will tell you.
  • Genuinely care about your situation, and we will prove this through our actions.
  • Be completely competent in our legal work.
  • Keep you informed.
  • Get to know you as an individual, because it makes our advocacy that much more effective.
  • Explain to you the terms of payment and then abide by those terms.
  • Use a team approach, as this helps us use our time effectively and keeps your case moving forward.
  • Form a partnership with you, relying on you to do your part and relying on our team to do what you cannot.
  • Make the law understandable to you, removing its mysteriousness.
  • Manage risk. We will treat your case and your money like it was our own—we do not unnecessarily risk our own assets, nor will we unnecessarily risk yours.
  • Act with integrity.

Very compassionate and understanding staff, who were just amazing and caring.  My personal injury claim was handled very thoroughly with my best interests in everything they did.  I would recommend Ashley's firm to others.
Susan Gibson